Prof. Dr. Kahraman Ünlü
Interest Areas
Mathematical modeling of soil and groundwater systems
Mathematical modeling of waste disposal systems
Contaminated site remediation
Soil and groundwater risk assessment
Management of solid and hazardous wastes
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Prof. Dr. Gürdal Tuncel
Interest Areas
Long-range transport of pollutants in the atmosphere
Precipitation chemistry
Receptor Modelling
Environmental Analytical Chemistry
Trace metal chemistry in sediments
E-mail: tuncel {at}
Phone: +90-312-210-5871  Fax: +90-312-210-2646 


Prof. Dr. Göksel N. Demirer
Interest Areas
Anaerobic Environmental Biotechnology,
Wastewater Engineering,
Cleaner Production/Pollution Prevention,
Natural Treatment Systems,
Bioenergy and Biobased Products.
E-mail: goksel {at}
Phone: +90-312-210-2641  Fax: +90-312-210-2646 


Prof. Dr. Aysel Atımtay
Interest Areas
Air pollution assessment and control,
Air quality modelling,
Gas clean-up and development of sorbent for sulfurous gases,
Research on hazardous wastes,
Clean energy production by using Biomass-Agricultural wastes.
E-mail: aatimtay {at}
Phone: +90-312-210-5879  Fax: +90-312-210-2646 


Prof. Dr. Celal F. Gökçay
Interest Areas
Biodegradation of unusual compounds (Ph.D).
Bio-leaching and recovery of mining residues and wastes.
Bacterial Desulfurization of coals.
Microbial Solubilization of Lignites.
Activated sludge kinetics. Nutrient removing activated sludge.
Effect of heavy metals on activated sludge kinetics.
Biological treatment of paper pulp bleachery effluents.
Treatability of chlorinated organic compounds.
E-mail: cfgokcay {at}
Phone: +90-312-210-2641  Fax: +90-312-210-2646


Prof. Dr. Gülerman Sürücü
Interest Areas
Water Pollution Control,
Industrial Wastewater Treatment,
Solid Waste Management.
E-mail: gsurucu {at}
Phone: +90-312-210-2641  Fax: +90-312-210-2641