Erasmus Program

The aim of the Erasmus Program is to increase the quality of the Higher Education in Europe, and strengthen the European Dimension in the Higher Education in Europe. Actually, Erasmus is mostly related with the "mobility of university students". Erasmus is a program funded by European Union (EU), established to link universities in the member states of the European Union.

Erasmus is one of the major branches of the EU- Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) that covers undergraduate and graduate studies in universities.

It would be explanatory to quote from the key objectives of the LLP Program, determined by the LLP Bureau in Brussels:

    • To achieve a significant increase in student and staff mobility between European Higher Education Institutions,
    • To promote broad and lasting inter-institutional co-operation,
    • To contribute to the concept of a people's Europe,
    • To contribute to the economic and social development of Europe through the creation of a significant number of higher education graduates with direct experience of intra- European cooperation.

Starting from 2003-2004 academic year, the universities in Turkey who apply to European Commission (EC) for getting Erasmus University Charter (EUC), which gives the right to participate in the activities supported by Erasmus Program, have been eligible to take advantage of the Erasmus activities. Some of these activities are : Student Mobility (SM), Student Placement/Internship, Teaching Staff Mobility (TS) / Staff Training (ST) Mobility, Organisation of Mobility (OM), Thematic Networks (TN), European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), Intensive Programs (IP), Curriculum Development (CD).

Our university has an agreement with the universities of Aarhus Univercity School of Engineering (Engineering College of Aarhus), Tampere University of Technology, Ecole d'Ingénieurs (EPF), Universitat Stuttgart, Instituto Politécnico da Guarda, Linköping University, Lower Danube University, AGH University of Science and Technology on behalf of Environmental Engineering.

Before Mobility

1) Application Documents which will be sent to Host University

*Important Note:

Every university has a different deadline for sending the documents. The required documents also vary by university. Information regarding the deadlines and required documents can be found on the web page of the host university.

  • Application Form (It can be found on the web page of Host University). (The address of International Cooperation Office must be given on the application forms to avoid problems due to the postal service )
  • Dormitory application form for universities that offer dormitories (It can be found on the web-page of the host university)
  • Learning Agreement (“Learning Agreement Before the Mobility” must be signed by department Erasmus Coordinator) *Within the Erasmus program (in Learning Agreement Before the Mobility), at least 30 ECTS worth of courses must be taken.
  • The host university may require additional documents (official transcript, photo, portfolio, passport photocopy etc.)

Letter of Acceptance

After sending the application documents, the Letter of Acceptance is expected to be received within approximately 1-2 months.

2) Documents which must be delivered to ICO advisor in order to receive 80% grant:

1) A copy of the Letter of Acceptance 2) Learning Agreement (Before the Mobility – signatures completed) 3) Academic Approval Form - Outgoing 4) Letter which indicates that student obtained a leave of absence (The petition must be given to the department at least 1 month before mobility.) 5) Compulsory Health Insurance (which has international validity - the policy number must be written on the grant agreement) 6) Online Language Support (OLS) exam 7) Grant Agreement (It will be prepared with your advisor after the student opens a Euro account at VakıfBank METU Branch.) 8) E-mail which indicates that the student received visa (Please learn the documents required for visa from the webpage of embassy, visa procedures are under the liability of the student).

Note: Students who will apply for a new passport need to apply to Registrar’s Office with the document taken from the ICO, to receive a passport without fees. Students younger than 25 years old do not need this document.

Note: Students who accommodate at campus dormitories need to apply to Directorate of Dormitories to reserve the right to stay in dormitories before starting their mobility.

During The Mobility

1) During the Mobility Form

Only the students who changed the courses they take are required to fill this form. After the addition/removal of courses 30 ECTS criterion must be satisfied. This form (after being signed by the advisor in host university, and departmental coordinators in METU) must be e-mailed to ICO advisor in 4-6 weeks after the mobility starts.

2) Additional Grant Agreement

Students who are going to study in the host university for a period longer than firstly decided on the agreement require to sign an additional grant agreement. This document must be signed by the student and then sent to ICO advisor 1 month before the mobility ends. Students who do not submit the additional grant agreement will not receive a grant for the extra time they stay abroad.

After The Mobility

  • 1) Transcript: It must be ensured by the student that the transcript is sent to office address by the host university
  • 2) Certificate of Attendance: It must be confirmed/signed by the host university.
  • 3) Going and Returning tickets (plane, bus, train) or photocopy of the passport (The pages with identity information and entrance and exit stamps)
  • 4) Learning Agreement: Before - During - After the Mobility must be confirmed by the host university and Departmental Erasmus Coordinator of METU.
  • 5) Academic Confirmation Form - Return
  • 6) EU Mobility Survey
  • 7) Online Language Support (OLS) exam
  • 8) Partner Information Form (to be sent to the ICO advisor)



Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yasemin Dilşad Yılmazel Tokel (dilsad {at}

Assistant: Teach. Asst. Buse Berfin Kart (kbuse {at}