1. First, fill out the Sample Analysis Request Form and the Parameters Requested for Analysis Form located under Forms on our website. If analysis of different parameters is requested in more than one sample, the Parameters Required Analysis Form must be filled out once for each different analysis request. However, if the same parameters are required for different samples, filling out a single form will be sufficient.
  2. The completed Sample Analysis Request Form and the Parameters Requested Analysis Form should be sent via e-mail to Department Secretary (gkalkan {at} metu.edu.tr).
  3. The Sample Analysis Request Form will be returned to you after our laboratory fills in the "Analysis Fee" offer.
  4. If you accept the price offer specified by our laboratory on the Sample Analysis Request Form, you must contact our Department Secretary at 0312 210 2641 and obtain the Experiment Code Number given by the Department Secretary. This number is very important as the Experiment Code Number will be used in all subsequent steps.
  5. Before bringing the sample to the laboratory, you must deposit the amount specified by our Laboratory to the T.C. Ziraat Bankası METU Branch: 1537 8980700-5001 account specified in the Analysis Request Form, specifying the Experiment Code Number.
  6. In cases where the sample will be taken by you and sent to our laboratory, after the sample is taken, the Sample Information, Tracking and Registration Form available on our website must be filled out and sent along with the sample and bank receipt, on a letterhead (and/or sealed) paper belonging to your institution, by writing which analyzes will be performed on which sample.
  7. Sample Conditioning Directive, Sample Transport and Acceptance Directive have been prepared for situations where the sample will be taken by you and sent to our Laboratory. It will be helpful for you to read these instructions before sample collection and transportation.
  8. The storage period of the sample in our Laboratory is specified in the Maximum Sample Storage Period List. For samples requested back, the sample must be taken back from our laboratory before this period expires. Our laboratory does not accept any liability for samples exceeding the maximum storage period.