METU-Environmental Engineering Department Analysis Laboratories (Laboratory) operates within the Environmental Engineering Department of the Middle East Technical University Faculty of Engineering. The laboratory is responsible for carrying out the experimental studies in a way that most accurately meets the needs of those who request the service (customers). The laboratory's management system covers the work carried out in fixed test laboratories and sampling processes . Laboratory, administrative and technical personnel, regardless of their other responsibilities, have the authority and resources necessary to perform their duties, including the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the management system, and to detect the occurrence of deviations from the management system or test procedures and to initiate the necessary actions to prevent or minimize such deviations.

Regulations have been prepared to ensure that management and personnel are kept away from all kinds of commercial, financial and other internal and external pressures and influences that may adversely affect the quality of the work performed, as well as procedures and policies that ensure the protection of confidential information and proprietary rights of customers and the electronic storage and transmission of results.

The laboratory has policies and procedures to prevent taking any action that would diminish confidence in its competence, objectivity, decision-making, or integrity regarding its work. The responsibilities, authorities and interrelationships of all personnel who have a direct impact on the quality of the test and perform management, implementation or verification duties are determined. All test personnel, including personnel candidates, are subjected to the necessary training by experts who know the methods, procedures and each experiment and can evaluate the test results. The laboratory has a technical management that is generally responsible for the provision of resources and technical operations needed to ensure the required quality in laboratory operations.

A quality manager has been appointed, who has the necessary authority and responsibility to ensure that the quality and management system is implemented and followed at all times, regardless of their other duties and responsibilities. This manager has direct access to the highest level of management where decisions about laboratory policy and resources are made. Assistants have been appointed for key management personnel. It is ensured that the personnel is aware of the importance of the activities carried out and how they will contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the management system. Additionally, senior management ensures that appropriate communication processes are established in the laboratory and that effective communication occurs for the proper functioning of the management system.

Organization Policy

METU-Environmental Engineering Department Analysis Laboratories (Laboratories) provide testing services with a good professional and technical practice and quality service approach. The laboratory is responsible for providing the testing service it offers in a way that best meets the needs of its customers. Independence, impartiality and confidentiality in the decision-making process are the basic principles and lifeblood of the Laboratory. Prioritizing customer satisfaction and adopting the principles of professionalism, transparency and honesty, the Laboratory considers it its duty to constantly follow the developments in its field and to ensure the continuity of the development process by making these developments applicable.

The laboratory undertakes and guarantees that it and its employees work away from all kinds of commercial, financial and other pressures and influences that may negatively affect the quality of the work performed, that it will protect customer information and documents in accordance with the principle of confidentiality, and that it will not engage in any activity that may endanger the reliability of the test results and the decision-making independence of the laboratory.

Quality Objectives

The laboratory's quality objectives are as followed:
  • Minimizing measurement uncertainty
  • Keeping customer complaints below 1%
  • To ensure that the ratio of non-conforming test works to all works within a year does not exceed 2%