Q. Can I perform my summer practice abroad?

As long as you fullfill the requirements of ENVE 300 and ENVE 400, you can conduct your summer practice at any country. You can apply for special programs such as IAESTE or make an application yourselves.

Q. Can I conduct my summer practice during winter break?

You are not allowed to conduct your practice earlier than the set semester. That is, you have to complete the 4th semester or the required coursework up to that semester in order to do your summer practice. However, providing that ENVE 300 and ENVE 400 classes are opened in the Spring semester and you have taken the required coursework, you can register for the Spring semester. Same is valid for ENVE 400.

Q. Can I perform my summer practice at two different locations?

You are required to do practice for 4 weeks as a block at a location and submit your report about this work. As long as you meet the requirements of the course, you can conduct additional summer practices at other locations. But these ones will not be valid for the course but provide you with more experience. Therefore, you can conduct additional summer practices for self-improvement. You are not allowed to distribute the 4 weeks of practice to different companies.

Q. Can I perform ENVE300 & ENVE400 internships together? 

Yes, you can, as long as there is not a conflict on the dates.

Q. Can I perform the ENVE400 internship this summer and the ENVE300 internship next summer?

No, you must perform ENVE300 first. 

Q. A document is requested from me showing that "the internship is mandatory". How can I provide this document?

This is the "Summer Practice Application Form" that is requested during the internship application process. You must fill in this document and "Course Information Form" and send them to your TA’s (for approval). 

Q. The insurance document is requested by the company. How can I provide this document?

The insurance document is sent by the "Internship Office" 1-2 business days before the internship. It is not possible to provide this document earlier.

Q. What are the requirements for the voluntary internships and how can I apply?

The voluntary internship to be done must be within the scope of ENVE300 & ENVE400. The whole process is the same except the "Evaluation Booklet". You do not need to fill the "Evaluation Booklet".

Q. Can I perform Summer Practice and Summer School together (same time period)?

No, you cannot perform "Summer Practice" and "Summer School" together (i.e. during the same time period). You can perform the "Summer Practice" after the final exam of "Summer School".

Q. How can I learn whether the company/institution is proper for the ENVE300/ENVE400?

Potential facilities for ENVE300 are:

Water and wastewater treatment plants operated by municipalities, private firms,

Large scale, engineered landfills (e.g. İzaydaş, ITC, etc.),

Large facilities with air pollution control units,

Industries or plants where a treatment plant is operated (e.g. Tüpraş, Arçelik, Coca-Cola, etc.).

Potential facilities for ENVE400 are:

Governmental agencies that plan and implement environmental monitoring, treatment plant design (e.g. DSİ, İl Bank).

Private firms specializing in EIA, treatment plant design.

Regulatory agencies that are involved in environmental management (e.g. Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change, Environmental Authorities of Provinces, etc.).

You can find examples for the potential locations in our web page.

Common Mistakes

Leaving the required parts of the documents (course code, signature, date, etc.) incomplete.

Not considering the public holidays when filling the start and end dates of the internship.

Not sending the complete document of the "Evaluation Booklet".

You need to fill the 1st, 3rd and 5th pages, but need to send the whole document (with unfilled pages).