Last Updated:
22/03/2022 - 15:39
  • Analysis and characterization of wastewaters, investigation of their treatability, determination of the physical, biological and chemical treatment methods for wastewaters and application of these methods;
  • Drinking water analysis and quality assessment, development of methods to remove pollutants from drinking waters and application of these methods;
  • Investigation of the quality of the surface and groundwater in different areas, determination of the polluting sources and development of methods to remove pollution from these sources;
  • Analysis of the sludge produced by different industrial activities, investigation of the hazardous substances in these wasted sludge, disposal of the wasted sludge;
  • Determination and application of the suitable disposal methods for the hazardous wastes and investigation of their impacts on environment; examination of the environmental impacts of different industrial activities, risk assessment studies;
  • Determination of the atmospheric pollutants, exploration of their sources, investigation of their transport and their effects on environment;
  • Development and application of mathematical models for waste disposal systems, surface and groundwater, soil and atmospheric pollution.