Prof. Dr. Gürdal Tuncel
Interest Areas
Long-range transport of pollutants in the atmosphere
Precipitation chemistry
Receptor Modelling
Environmental Analytical Chemistry
Trace metal chemistry in sediments
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Prof. Dr. Aysel Atımtay
Interest Areas
Air pollution assessment and control,
Air quality modelling,
Gas clean-up and development of sorbent for sulfurous gases,
Research on hazardous wastes,
Clean energy production by using Biomass-Agricultural wastes.
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Dr. İ. Haluk Çeribaşı 
Interest Areas
Environmental Management
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
Cumulative and Strategic Impact Assessment
Environmental Economics and Cost Benefit Analysis
Biosorption of Heavy Metals
Project Management
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Eng. MSc. Ömer Işıkman 
Interest Areas
Project Management
Construction Management for the Hydraulic Structures
Design of Hydraulic Structures
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