ENVE Graduate Program

The goal of the graduate programs is two folds. First is to establish active research and technology development programs for identification and solution of current and future environmental and engineering problems. Second is to provide trained human resources with advanced technical knowledge capable of making decisions and directing protects towards solutions of complex environmental problems. The graduate programs offers two major areas of specialization, Environmental Sciences and Environmental Technology. These specialization programs in the department complement each other to an extent not commonly seen in many other scientific disciplines. Under the two major graduate programs research oppurtunities and advanced course work are offered to qualified students in the following specific areas: water supply engineering, wastewater engineering , air pollution and control, water quality management, soil and groundwater pollution, environmental modeling, environmental impact assessment, environmental chemistry and environmental microbiology and biotechnology.

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M.S. in Environmental Engineering Program
Courses Codes Course Name Credits
ENVE 500 5600500  M.S. Thesis  NC
ENVE 598 5600598  Graduate Seminar  (0-2) NC
ENVE 599 5600599 Graduate Seminar (0-2) NC
7 Elective Courses  
Total minumum Credit :21        Number of Courses with credit (min): 7


Ph. D. in Environmental Engineering Program
Courses Codes Course Name Credits
ENVE 600 5600600  Ph.D. Thesis  NC 
7 Elective Courses  
Total minumum Credit :21        Number of Courses with credit (min): 7


Graduate Courses
Courses Codes Course Name Credits
ENVE 501 5600501 Pollition Control in Sea Environment I (3-0)3
ENVE 502 5600502 Modeling Soil and Groundwater Pollution (3-0)3
ENVE 503 5600503 Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment (3-0)3
ENVE 504 5600504 Pollution Transport in River Systems (3-0)3
ENVE 505 5600505 Industrial Air Pollution Control (3-0)3
ENVE 506 5600506 Advances in Water Supply Engineering (3-0)3
ENVE 507 5600507 Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment (3-0)3
ENVE 508 5600508 Advanced Atmospheric Dispersion (3-0)3
ENVE 509 5600509 Contaminated Site Remediation (3-0)3
ENVE 510 5600510 Principles of Risk Assessment and Management (3-0)3
ENVE 513 5600513 Atmospheric Chemistry (3-0)3
ENVE 531 5600531 Environmental Applications of Biomolecular Engineering (3-0)3
ENVE 532 5600532 Environmental Biotechnology (3-0)3
ENVE 534 5600534 Chemical Treatment Techniques (3-0)3
ENVE 535 5600535 Advanced Biological Treatment (3-0)3
ENVE 538 5600538 Advanced Environmental Chemistry (3-0)3
ENVE 539 5600539 Environmental Systems Engineering (3-0)3
ENVE 541 5600541 Anaerobic Treatment of Wastes (3-0)3
ENVE 547 5600547 Marine Pollution (3-0)3
ENVE 573 5600573 Fate of Poluutants in the Environment (3-0)3
ENVE 707 5600573 Energy and Environment (3-0)3
ENVE 740 5600740 Heuristic Optimization and Modeling of Environmental Systems (3-0)3
ENVE 7xx 56007xx Special Topics in Environmental Engineering (3-0)3
ENVE8xx 56008xx Special Studies (4-2) NC
ENVE 9xx 56009xx Advanced Studies (4-2) NC