This Week's Departmental Seminar

New Solutions to Urban Sustainability Challenges

Over half of the world's population lives in cities, with more than 20% in cities with a population over 1.000.000, while cities occupy less than 2% of the surface area of the earth. Cities consume 75% of the world's resources, generate around 75% of greenhouse gas emissions globally, and are responsible for 60% to 80% of energy consumption around the world. Improving the quality, resilience and resource efficiency of urban space is the key to maintain them as sustainable alternatives to urban sprawl.  Cities need to follow the example of natural ecosystems and their metabolisms to be reformulated as balanced, circular, and to whatever possible extent, self-sustaining systems. This seminar aims to underline the sustainability challenges faced by the cities as well as the opportunities exist for cities to tackle these challenges including urban regenerative processes, nature-based solutions and new circular economy models. 

by Dr. Özge YILMAZ

Date: 21.02.2018
Time: 15:40
Place: Department of Environmental Engineering, CZ-14