This Week's Departmental Seminar

Numerical Modeling of Guzelyurt Aquifer, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Among the existing and limited amount of water resources, Guzelyurt Aquifer is the most important, at the same time the largest drinking, municipal and irrigation water resource in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). However, the aquifer has exceeded its safe yield capacity with a significant reduction in extractable groundwater due to excessive and uncontrolled pumping over the years and the water quality has been seriously degraded due to seawater intrusion near the coastal areas.  With “TRNC Water Supply Project” implemented recently, about 75 million m3 of water is being supplied via pipeline under Mediterranean Sea from Turkish Republic to solve the water shortage problem in TRNC. With the water supplied, the deteriorated water budget of the aquifer can be reestablished in the mid- and long-term. Within this framework, the objective of the proposed research is to create 3-D detailed conceptual and numerical models of Guzelyurt Aquifer using system modeling approach integrated with today’s modern technologies of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and numerical simulation techniques. Furthermore, the 3-D numerical model developed and calibrated using the available field data based on the conceptual model is aimed to be used to simulate various water management scenarios regarding artificial recharge applications, defined water pumping scenarios, groundwater level variations related to displacement of pumping areas and improvements in water budget; and change in areal extent of seawater intrusion. For the purpose of model development, geologic, hydrologic and hydrogeological data available in the archives and the data bases of the Geology and Mining Department (G&MD) of TRNC will be used, as well as the data, such as the amount of water pumped from wells, water level elevations and water quality (EC, Cl, pH, etc.) parameters, collected by G&MD from selected bore holes and monitoring wells through field monitoring studies. The model development studies are based on the software called ArcGIS 10.0 and Groundwater Modeling System (GMS 10.2). The both are used to create the conceptual model. The numerical simulation models are carried out with the latter software. 
by Cansu Demir
Date: 26/04/2017
Time: 15:40
Place: Department of Environmental Engineering, CZ-14