Steps to Follow

All environmental engineering students at other Universities would be conducting a summer practice as well. As a result, it is to your advantage to arrange your summer practice as early as possible.Please follow the steps in the flowchart.
  1. First make a research and decide on the companies/institutions you would be contacting. Most of them will require a statement from the Department indicating that you are obliged to conduct a summer practice. Please fill in the Summer Practice Application Form (Turkish - English) and get the signature of the Summer Practice Coordinator. Then have this form stamped by Department Secretariat. Get a photocopy of the signed and stamped application form. Submit the original form to the company/institution that you would be performing your summer practice at. Give the copy to Department Secretariat. NOTE: Submit only one form to Department Secretariat.
  2. Ask for an acceptance letter from the company/institution. Give this letter to Department Secretariat. In addition, inform your Summer Practice Coordinator (or your Assistant responsible from ENVE 300 and ENVE 400).
  3. To be insured during the internship, you have to fill out two forms. First, you have to fill out the insurance application form (Stajyer Öğrenci Bilgileri Formu / Student Information Form for Summer Practice) which can be found here. Next, you have to fill out the statement of your current insurance status. If you are currently covered under the health insurance of your family/parents (your answer to question at the end of the Stajyer Ogrenci Bilgileri Formu should be “Var/Yes”), then fill out Form A. If you are not currently covered under a health insurance (your answer to question at the end of the Stajyer Ogrenci Bilgileri Formu should be “Yok/No”), then fill out Form B. After you fill-out and sign the form, submit it to your Summer Practice Coordinator. Additional information is available at METU-Human Resources Website. Please note that the personnel take their vacation during summer. Therefore, fill out and submit the forms as early as you can.
  4. At the end of the spring semester please purchase the summer practice evaluation booklet from Mr. Cemalettin Akın. Fill in the 3rd and 5th pages. Have it signed and stamped. You should be submitting this booklet to the company/institution you would be conducting your summer practice at when you start your practice. Remind them to send the evaluation form to the Department.
  5. Register for ENVE 300 and ENVE 400 in the next Fall semester. Submit your report at the beginning (Monday) of the3rd week of the Fall Semester.
  6. Your summer practice will be valid only for two semesters. If you do not submit your report in two semesters then you have to conduct another summer practice