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Technical Elective Courses (TE)

Courses offered by the department or some related courses offered by other engineering or science departments. However, it must be noted that at most 2 of 5 technical elective courses in the curriculum may be taken from other engineering or science departments, which requires approval of your advisor. (each min. 3 credits). Catalog descriptions can be obtained from here.

ENVE 301-Environmental Pollution and Ecology

ENVE 314-Chemical Microbiology Laboratory

ENVE 316-Air Pollution Laboratory

ENVE 332-Fundamentals Of Environmental Engineering

ENVE 401-Soil and Groundwater Pollution

ENVE 402-Wastewater Reuse

ENVE 406-Environmental Management

ENVE 410-Marine Outfall Design

ENVE 413-Air Pollution Control

ENVE 414-Water Quality Management

ENVE 417-Unit Operation and Processes Laboratory

ENVE 420-Environmental Impact Assessment

ENVE 422-Treatment and Disposal of Water and Wastewater Sludge

ENVE 424- Instr.Analysis for Environmental Engineering

ENVE 426-Air Pollution Meteorology and Atmospheric Disposal 

ENVE 428-Pollution Prevention

ENVE 430-Solid Waste Landfill Design

ENVE 431-Molecular Tools in Environmental Engineering

ENVE 432-Hazardous Waste Management

ENVE 447-Marine Pollution

ENVE 490-Topics in Environmental Engineering

ENVE 491-Introduction to Environmental Toxicology

ENVE 493-Special Topics in Environmental Engineering: EU and Environment Policy

ENVE 494-Special Topics in Environmental Engineering: Contemporary Issues In Environmental Engineering

Non-Technical Elective Courses (NTE)

Courses related to social sciences, humanities and communication. A list of non-technical elective courses that satisfy the non-technical elective requirements of engineering department students is available on the web page of Faculty of Engineering -(Non-technical Elective Courses in Engineering Curricula). The courses in this list are in the areas of linguistic, foreign language studies, history, psychology, sociology, philosophy, fine arts, political sciences and economics. It must be noted that environmental engineering students are restricted further for the courses from the fine art and music department such that they are allowed to take only one course from each sub-departments (i.e. MUS, THEA and INST) of the fine art and music department to satisfy their non-technical elective requirements. (each min. 3 credits).

Free Elective Courses (FE)

Any 3 credit course.

Restricted Elective Courses (RE)

One of the following courses: CE364 or CE241.