This Week's Departmental Seminar / Bu Haftanın Semineri

Comparison of LEED and BEST Green Building Rating Systems through Cost-Based Optimization

Climate change has reached an alarming rate. Therefore, concerns have been arisen on the environment and possible outcomes of the climate change that may impact the way we live. Many countries place importance on improving the effective use of limited resources and constructing environmentally friendly buildings in the realm of mitigations for climate change as buildings have significant effects on climate change due to vast resource consumption and pollution generation. According to the Engineering News Record (ENR), Turkey ranks the 2nd in the World's top 250 international contractors right after China. Hence, in Turkey, the need for sustainable buildings became crucial. Environmentally friendly buildings, so-called green buildings, have great potential to minimize the negative impacts of the traditional buildings on the environment.

Many countries have their green building rating systems tailored towards their regulations, distinctive climatic conditions, unique cultures and traditions, diverse building types and ages, or wide-ranging environmental, economic, and social priorities. Today in the world, the most popular green building rating system is based on the LEED system of USA. Turkey has developed its own rating system, BEST, in August 2019.

This study aims to compare LEED and BEST rating systems using a cost-based optimization. In the study, IBM ILOG CPLEX will be used as the optimization tool. The study also aims to propose a guideline to stakeholders that can be used to in choosing of the green building features that would be sufficient to obtain green building certificates in Turkey at the least cost.

By: Bengisu UĞURLU

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ayşegül AKSOY

Date & Time: 6.5.2020 Wednesday at 15:40 - Using Blackboard Collaborate on ODTU-Class