General Information

Students of the Environmental Engineering Department are obliged to register for ENVE 300 Summer Practice I and ENVE 400 Summer Practice II to fullfill the requirements for the B.S. The common responsibilities for these courses are
  • to conduct a practice in related activities for 4 weeks (20 working days)
  • to write an organized report about the practice.
ENVE 300

  This is the first summer practice carried out by the third year students, following the  completion of the 4th semester or relevant course work. The practice involves mainly observing a treatment system in operation and evaluating its performance.

Potential facilities are

  • Water and wastewater treatment plants operated by municipalities, private firms.
  • Large scale, engineered landfills (e.g. İzaydaş)
  • Large facilities with air pollution control units
  • Industries or plants where a treatment plant is operated (e.g. TAI, Aselsan, Arçelik, Coca-Cola, etc.)
ENVE 400

This is the second summer practice carried out by the fourth year students, following the completion of the 6th semester or relevant course work. The practice involves mainly environmental management, treatment system design, etc.

Potential facilities are

  • Governmental agencies that plan and implement environmental monitoriring, treatment plant design (e.g. DSİ, İller Bank).
  • Private firms specializing in EIA, treatment plant design.
  • Regulatory Agencies that are involved in environmental management (e.g. Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Environmental Authorities of Provinces, etc.)